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Senin, 20 Januari 2020

08 Juli 2019 - 05:20  
Jual Australian Shepherd betina Tricolor

Jual Australian Shepherd betina Tricolor
Parents Import USA. Grand Champion bloodline
Stambum ready, microchiped. Vaksin up to date
Ras ini adalah anjing pintar dan sporty, karakter setia, periang dan aktif. Membutuhkan kegiatan aktifitas sehari-hari dengan pemilik, mudah dilatih dan cerdas.
Lokasi : Lembang-Bandung

Peminat serius : 0811.222.6100
IG @meet.puff



What Are Australian Shepherds Like to Live With?
What is the Australian Shepherd temperament like? Australian Shepherds are loyal, dependable, easygoing companions. When it comes to their love of play, they never really outgrow the puppy stage. For this reason they are excellent with children -- and the more active, the better. But they have a gentle nature that prevents their play from ever getting rough. They are also eager to work: Give them a job and they'll get it done with loads of energy to spare.

Australian Shepherds can be a little standoffish at first. Given time, however, they will become comfortable with new people and come out of their shells. They have excellent guarding instincts and a strong sense of loyalty to their families. Australian Shepherds will bark when strangers approach the house, and they'll sometimes run a few laps around the house for good measure.

What to Know About Australian Shepherds:
Like most herding breeds, Australian Shepherds have a strong work ethic. They love having a job to do. Left alone indoors for too long, they can go a little batty. For this reason, they are not really suited for apartments. Take them out to work in the field or for a long run in the woods -- the activity and mental stimulation will result in a very happy Australian Shepherd.

Some Australian Shepherds retain strong working-dog genes. This makes them more eager to be in the field and less eager to hang out with the family. These dogs are more inclined to herd people and nip at heels to keep everyone moving, but with proper training these quirks can be worked out.

A healthy Australian Shepherd can live as long as 15 years. Common health issues include hip dysplasia, cataracts and hypothyroidism. Australian Shepherds don't shed excessively and only need occasional brushing.

Australian Shepherd History
The Australian Shepherd we know today was developed mainly in the U.S. In fact, this breed has no real connection to Australia. Originating in the Basque region between Spain and France as a working dog and sheepherder, the breed drew the name "Australian Shepherd" because many of the Basque shepherds came from Australia. Australian Shepherds became more popular in the mid-twentieth century, favorites of ranchers and cowboys for their unique herding talents.

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